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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Crazy busy

Hi all,  School is in full swing.  We are 5 weeks in and I am still trying to get to know my kiddos.  We have a ton of new students in our building this year.  They are causing much strife as they learn to follow our rules and expectations.  Out of my 28 students, 14 are new to our building.  They love to talk and play.  They are extremely low.  On the SRI test, 1 student is benchmark, 3 are strategic, and the rest are intensive.  I also have 10 special education kids out of the bunch.  I am trying to get as many anchor charts, games, and fun activities for my kids.  It makes for long lesson planning days on the weekend.  It will get better as I get used to this grade level, these kids, and the standards.  I hope you all have great days!

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